The objective of this Whitepaper is to present the SGV-G Technology©, the operation itself, the business that it is proposed to execute based on the collection of SGV TOKEN and what is the scalability of the business worldwide. The information set forth below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any element of a contractual relationship. The only purpose of this Whitepaper is to provide relevant and descriptive information to potential token holders so that they can carry out an exhaustive analysis of the crowdfunding project with the intention of acquiring SGV TOKEN.

This Whitepaper does not constitute an offer of sale or an offer request to purchase a security in any jurisdiction in which it is illegal to make such offer or request. Neither the Swiss FINMA nor the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States nor any other foreign regulatory authority has approved an investment in the tokens.

The SGV TOKEN can be classified as a value since it gives the right to the token holders to receive the benefits of the business described in the Business Model title of this Whitepaper.

The Token is, as such, subject to certain restrictions under US security laws. UU The ICO environment complies with these rules and restricts access for US citizens, green card holders and US residents. UU To the category of “accredited investors”, in accordance with Rule 506 (4) of the US Security Act. UU All relevant legal information is contained in the Token Purchase Terms and the Token Purchase Agreement.

Certain statements, estimates and financial information contained in this document constitute forward-looking statements or information. Such forward-looking statements or information refer to known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or results implied or expressed in such forward-looking statements.

This Whitepaper in English is the official source of information on the ICO SGV-G. The information contained in this document may be translated into other languages ​​from time to time or may be used in the course of written or verbal communications with existing members of the community and potential partners, etc. In the course of a translation or communication such as this, some of the information contained in this document may be lost, corrupted or misrepresented. The accuracy of such alternative communications cannot be guaranteed. In case of conflicts or inconsistencies between such translations and communications, the original provision of this document in English will always prevail.